Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hooray, Finally its the session of the Malaysia " Sakura" start 2 weeks ago & ends this week. I seen it on the press around a week before (9th March 2009) & shoot up flower shown along Persiaran Mahsuri. When the first i went to shoot its just 11am but just have several nice shoot. On that time, hopefully the sun not so bright so i can have some nice photos. Some don't have leaves.

For the next day, i wake up early just need to capture nice blossom with close up photo. When i come there around 830am, the weather is nice but the sun just hidden on the thick cloudy. Hopefully, it's had come out on 9am then can captured nice photo. I had two special photo as Gorzilla & a panther jump out from the flower. Would you see it? Check it out!!!! Nice but it last for 2 weeks.